Order NBA standings by playoff seeding (was: Standings dont match)

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Michael Torp








11/Dec/13 3:10 AM EST


13/Dec/2013 12:13 PM EST


It seem like the standings are not correct, compared to ESPN and NBA.com I think the issue is about division leaders getting in conference top. I think thats not calculated into yours. I hope it's not that big of a deal? Thanks for the great API!

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Thanks for reporting this. Fun problem to solve with all of the tiebreakers. Added a "playoff_seed" field in the standing object (https://erikberg.com/api/objects/standing) that you can use to order teams following the NBA's playoff seeding and tiebreaking rules. The following rules are applied in the event that two or more teams have the same winning percentage: Preference is given to the team that is a division winner. Then to the team that has the best winning percentage in head-to-head matchups. Then to the team that has the better division record if the other tied team(s) are in the same division. Then to the team with the better conference record. Then to the team with the better record against playoff teams in their conference. Then to the team with the better record against playoff teams in the other conference. Then to the team with the better point differential.


1. Erik Berg 11/Dec/2013 at 3:47 AM EST

Yes, the NBA standings table is ordered by games back/winning percentage. I'm going to change this issue to an improvement to implement NBA tie-break ordering. It can get complicated. See the tie-break rules on this page: http://www.nba.com/statistics/playoff_picture.html

2. Michael Torp 11/Dec/2013 at 5:11 AM EST

Hi - thats right. Just to make sure, that we are on the same page: Division leaders are always put into top4. Today, look at Boston. So besides the ordering on win% the division rank is also a factor.

3. Michael Torp 11/Dec/2013 at 8:40 AM EST

I've done a reranking in my end now, so no hurry. In each conf. I've picked out the leaders of each division and put in a "top4" array. Then created an array of all 2nd ranked teams, and sorted it bt win% to get the best. I put the best 2nd ranked team, into the top4 array. Sortet the top4 array by win% - and there I have the correct top4. Afterwards I connect the rest of the teams, ordered by win% Hope maybe this can be usefull for you.