Question: What does event status suspended mean?

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14/Feb/14 4:40 AM EST


14/Feb/2014 6:24 AM EST


I suppose the event status mean the following: * scheduled = the game is scheduled to be played at X date * completed = the game has been played * postponed = the game has been postponed to be played at a later date (is the date yet to be determined?) * cancelled = the game has been cancelled and will not be played So what is suspended then? I realize this is not a bug, xmlstats has no support forum or the like right?

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A postponed status means the game was called off before it started and will be rescheduled at a later date. The reschedule date often takes several weeks before it is known due to the logistics of the teams involved, the league, television, etc. Other times it is known immediately. When the makeup date is announced, it is entered as a new event in the database. A suspended status applies to MLB games that started and did not finish (e.g., played four innings before game was called due to rain). Typically these are made up as soon as possible, but in rare cases are scheduled months a part making interesting scenarios for players who have since been traded to the opposing team between the two dates. The rescheduled game is entered as a new event in the database. For general questions, please email in lieu of filing a bug.