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Matt Vague






18/Jan/15 2:26 PM EST


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Would be *great* to be able to query event data for individual events like `/:sport/events/:event_id.format` in addition to the existing events API. This would make my life a lot easier because it would mean individual Event objects in my application could keep themselves up-to-date without having to inject data like start time, status, etc after querying the entire list of events for a date. Thanks for your awesome work!


1. Erik Berg 20/Jan/2015 at 4:00 PM EST

The Events method was an early addition to the API. The way it is implemented makes it difficult to add support for querying an individual event. I'm not exactly sure what your application needs to do, but I am planning to add an API method counterpart to the /mlb/scores and /nba/scores pages. This method will likely support querying an individual event id. For now, what is the issue with your application iterating over the Event objects until it matches the event id it wants? for evt in events: if evt matches xxxxxx: // do something with evt break

2. Matt Vague 22/Jan/2015 at 3:03 PM EST

It's not a huge issue, I just currently have to pass an event id, start time and status when creating my Event objects instead of (preferably) just event id. That way individual events could update themselves in regards to status and start time so I wouldn't have to query the whole day's schedule.

3. Erik Berg 7/Apr/2015 at 5:08 AM EDT

Added an "event_id" parameter that can be used to query a specific event. The documentation has not been updated for this yet because I am still fuzzy on the use case. Also, just realized I did not test this thoroughly because it still requires a date parameter. GET /events.json?date=20150601&event_id=20150601-pittsburgh-pirates-at-san-francisco-giants That can be fixed easily, but would still like a concrete use case.

4. Matt Vague 7/Apr/2015 at 4:21 PM EDT

Thanks! The date isn't a big deal. For me the main use case is being able to individually refresh games (events) in my system to see if their status has changed vs. having to query a days worth of events and filtering to find the event in question. Faster and easier for me, and probably less load on your infrastructure, no?