Player city included on team_away and home_team stats

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JC Ricaro






12/May/15 11:38 AM EDT


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<a href="/api/methods/nba-box-score">/api/methods/nba-box-score</a> It would be great if you'd include the city of the player, just in case there are players with the same name? Thanks. Would help a lot.


1. JC Ricaro 12/May/2015 at 11:40 AM EDT

Birthdate might be better.

2. Erik Berg 12/May/2015 at 7:48 PM EDT

Players really need a unique identifier. This is discussed in /api/issues/127 among others. The gist of it is I am seeking help to create an open, public, freely accessible database that would store basic information for professional athletes (e.g., first name, middle name, last name, nicknames, other names, aliases, date of birth, birthplace, nationality). This would serve a few purposes: 1. Disambiguate players with the same name. 2. Reduce typographical errors (all data providers have errors, it's just the nature of inputting data). 3. Provide consistent and portable IDs among different data providers/services. I envision something similar to what ORCID ( has done for researchers. I would like to be a partner and contributor to this effort rather than an owner, but I have not had time to really kickstart this project and gain supporters for it. This is the reason I have been reluctant to add the database ID xmlstats uses internally or other identifying information to API methods.

3. JC Ricaro 28/May/2015 at 1:59 AM EDT

Let us know when you have setup a colab system(like maybe put it on github or whatever). I'd be happy to help.