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30/May/17 7:11 PM EDT


3/Jun/2017 7:04 AM EDT


Hey Erik, I was wondering how you incorporate MLB scoring changes (e.g. into the API responses? Once the corrections are made by MLB, do they propagate to xmlstats? We are seeing some inconsistencies regarding some of these changes and if they are being incorporated. If you need specific examples, I can send on in another issue. As always, thanks for your help.

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Applied all of the changes from I will continue to monitor this link for new changes. Thanks for pointing this out!


1. Erik Berg 30/May/2017 at 7:27 PM EDT

Thank you for that link. The data is verified post event and that is typically it. If MLB later reviews and modifies the box score, the updates have not been applied. I will start monitoring that page, though, and apply the changes listed there. Specific examples of wrong data are always welcome.

2. Brian Bot 30/May/2017 at 7:32 PM EDT

Generally, it is probably worth just identifying the games effected via that link and just re-pulling all data (instead of trying to parse through the exact correction). Just one's opinion, though ;) Specifically, two data issues which are causing issues: 2017-04-29: Yu Darvish should have 2 ER instead of 1 2017-05-04: Dee Gordon was credited with a SB which he should not have Both of these are listed in the link provided above. Thanks again!