Last updated February 12, 2016

This is a convenience endpoint that returns basic account information and the token expiration time in seconds remaining, the date, and as a human-readable string. There are no parameters. The token passed in the header of the request must be valid, non-expired.


GET /me.format


  1. json


Required. A valid access token must be included in the header of the request.



Returned Values

Name Type Description
first_name string First name
last_name string Last name
email_address string Email address
created_on string The date when the account was created expressed as yyyy‑MM‑dd
token_expiration_seconds integer The number of seconds until the token expires
token_expiration_date string The token's expiration date and time using W3C's recommended ISO 8601 format yyyy‑MM‑ddTHH:mm:ss±hh:mm (e.g., 2013‑03‑18T00:00:00‑04:00)
token_time_remaining string The token's expiration time represented in a human-readable format

Example Request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"

Example Result

  "first_name" : "Andrew",
  "last_name" : "Fogarasi",
  "email_address" : "",
  "created_on" : "2014-01-07",
  "token_expiration_seconds" : 689586,
  "token_expiration_date" : "2014-02-17T06:12:26-05:00",
  "token_time_remaining" : "7 days, 23 hours, 33 minutes"