NBA Leaders

Last updated February 29, 2016

Returns leaders for specified stat category in current or most recent regular season or postseason. See the NBA Leaders page for an example of how this endpoint can be used.


GET /sport/leaders/category_id.format


  1. nba

Category ID

  1. points_per_game
  2. assists_per_game
  3. rebounds_per_game
  4. off_rebounds_per_game
  5. def_rebounds_per_game
  6. field_goal_pct
  7. free_throw_pct
  8. three_point_pct
  9. field_goals_made
  10. three_point_field_goals_made
  11. free_throws_made
  12. blocks_per_game
  13. steals_per_game
  14. assists_to_turnovers_per_game
  15. steals_to_turnovers_per_game
  16. minutes_per_game *
  17. games_played
  18. double_doubles
  19. triple_doubles

* Minute stats are stored to nearest whole minute, so they may differ slightly from official stats.


  1. json


Required. A valid access token must be included in the header of the request.


Name Required Description
limit optional Return players ranked less than or equal to specified limit. If limit is omitted or limit > 15, players ranked 1-15 will be returned. When multiple players have the same value and they are ranked <= limit, all of those players will be returned. For example, if limit=5 is specified and three players are all ranked fifth, a total of eight players will be returned
qualified optional When season_type is regular, this parameter determines whether players who meet the NBA's minimum qualifications in the statistical category are returned or whether all players are returned regardless if they qualify. Possible values are true and false. By default, this value is true. If season_type is anything other than regular, this parameter has no meaning
season_type optional Specify the season type for the statistics to be returned. Acceptable values are regular and post. Defaults to regular if this parameter is not specified

Returned Values

Name Type Description
last_name string Player's last name
first_name string Player's legal first name. Keep in mind, some players are commonly known by their middle name, nickname, or shortened version of their first name
display_name string The full name of the player that is used in box scores, rosters, etc.
rank integer Where this player ranks in this statistical category. Player's with identical value elements will have the same rank
value float / integer The value of the statistic. This value will be returned as a float for per game and percentage statistics. An integer is returned for statistics that return a whole number (e.g., games_played)
team object Team object

Example Request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN" ""

Example Result

[ {
  "last_name" : "Rondo",
  "first_name" : "Rajon",
  "display_name" : "Rajon Rondo",
  "rank" : 1,
  "value" : 11.03,
  "team" : {
    "team_id" : "boston-celtics",
    "abbreviation" : "BOS",
    "active" : true,
    "first_name" : "Boston",
    "last_name" : "Celtics",
    "conference" : "East",
    "division" : "Atlantic",
    "site_name" : "TD Garden",
    "city" : "Boston",
    "state" : "Massachusetts",
    "full_name" : "Boston Celtics"
}, {
  "last_name" : "Paul",
  "first_name" : "Chris",
  "display_name" : "Chris Paul",
  "rank" : 2,
  "value" : 9.69,
  "team" : {
    "team_id" : "los-angeles-clippers",
    "abbreviation" : "LAC",
    "active" : true,
    "first_name" : "Los Angeles",
    "last_name" : "Clippers",
    "conference" : "West",
    "division" : "Pacific",
    "site_name" : "Staples Center",
    "city" : "Los Angeles",
    "state" : "California",
    "full_name" : "Los Angeles Clippers"
}, {
  "last_name" : "Vasquez",
  "first_name" : "Greivis",
  "display_name" : "Greivis Vasquez",
  "rank" : 3,
  "value" : 9.04,
  "team" : {
    "team_id" : "new-orleans-hornets",
    "abbreviation" : "NO",
    "active" : true,
    "first_name" : "New Orleans",
    "last_name" : "Hornets",
    "conference" : "West",
    "division" : "Southwest",
    "site_name" : "New Orleans Arena",
    "city" : "New Orleans",
    "state" : "Louisiana",
    "full_name" : "New Orleans Hornets"
} ]