Last updated February 12, 2016

Used by: Teams, MLB Box Score, NBA Box Score, Events, NBA Draft

Name Type Description
team_id string The id of the team used when getting requests
abbreviation string Team's abbreviation
active boolean Whether team is active participant in league today
first_name string Team's first name
last_name string Team's last name
conference string Name of team's league
division string Name of team's division
site_name string Name of team's home stadium, arena, dome, ballpark, field, etc.
city string Name of city
state string Name of state or province
full_name string Team's full name, usually first and last name

Example Listing

  "team_id" : "arizona-diamondbacks",
  "abbreviation" : "ARI",
  "active" : true,
  "first_name" : "Arizona",
  "last_name" : "Diamondbacks",
  "conference" : "National",
  "division" : "West",
  "site_name" : "Chase Field",
  "city" : "Phoenix",
  "state" : "Arizona",
  "full_name" : "Arizona Diamondbacks"