Basketball Stats

Last updated February 27, 2016

Used by: NBA box score, NBA daily leaders

Name Type Description
last_name * string Player's last name
first_name * string Player's legal first name. Keep in mind, some players are commonly known by their middle name, nickname, or shortened version of their first name
display_name * string The full name of the player that is used in box scores, rosters, etc.
position * string Player's position for the game
minutes * integer Number of minutes player played
is_starter * boolean True if player was in the starting lineup, false otherwise
team_abbreviation * string Player's team abbreviation
points integer Number of points scored
assists integer Number of assists
turnovers integer Number of turnovers committed
steals integer Number of steals made
blocks integer Number of blocked shots
field_goals_attempted integer Number of field goal attempts
field_goals_made integer Number of field goals made
three_point_field_goals_attempted integer Number of three point field goal attempts
three_point_field_goals_made integer Number of three point field goals made
free_throws_attempted integer Number of free throws attempted
free_throws_made integer Number of free throws made
defensive_rebounds integer Number of defensive rebounds
offensive_rebounds integer Number of offensive rebounds
rebounds integer Number of offensive plus defensive rebounds
personal_fouls integer Number of fouls committed
field_goal_percentage float Field goals made divided by field goals attempted
three_point_percentage float Three point field goals made by three point field goals attempted
free_throw_percentage float Free throws made divided by free throws attempted
field_goal_percentage_string string Field goal shooting percentage formatted as 0.0
three_point_percentage_string string Three point field goal percentage formatted as 0.0
free_throw_percentage_string string Free throw shooting percentage formatted as 0.0

* - Only present for player statistics. In the future, the asterisk marked fields will probably move to a player object and embed the basketball_stats object instead.

Example Listing

  "last_name" : "Durant",
  "first_name" : "Kevin",
  "display_name" : "Kevin Durant",
  "position" : "SF",
  "minutes" : 43,
  "points" : 32,
  "assists" : 3,
  "turnovers" : 7,
  "steals" : 2,
  "blocks" : 1,
  "rebounds" : 11,
  "field_goals_attempted" : 24,
  "field_goals_made" : 13,
  "three_point_field_goals_attempted" : 6,
  "three_point_field_goals_made" : 3,
  "free_throws_attempted" : 3,
  "free_throws_made" : 3,
  "defensive_rebounds" : 9,
  "offensive_rebounds" : 2,
  "personal_fouls" : 5,
  "team_abbreviation" : "OKC",
  "is_starter" : true,
  "field_goal_percentage" : 0.542,
  "three_point_percentage" : 0.5,
  "free_throw_percentage" : 1.0,
  "field_goal_percentage_string" : "54.2",
  "three_point_field_goal_percentage_string" : "50.0",
  "free_throw_percentage_string" : "100.0"