Event Information

Last updated February 12, 2016

Used by: MLB Box Score, NBA Box Score

Name Type Description
temperature integer The temperature expressed in degrees Fahrenheit
site object The Site where the event was played
attendance integer Number of people in attendance for event
duration string A string representation of the event duration using hh:mm format
season_type string An indicator of the season: pre, regular, post
start_date_time string The start date and time of the event using yyyy‑MM‑DDTHH:mm:ss±hh:mm ISO 8601 format
status string This value can be scheduled, completed, postponed, suspended, or cancelled. A completed status indicates the game has been processed in the database and its box score is available to download

Example Listing

  "temperature" : 0,
  "site" : {
    "capacity" : 19600,
    "surface" : "Hardwood",
    "name" : "AmericanAirlines Arena",
    "state" : "Florida",
    "city" : "Miami"
  "attendance" : 20003,
  "duration" : "2:40",
  "season_type" : "post",
  "start_date_time" : "2012-06-21T21:00:00-04:00"