Last updated May 1, 2016

Used by: MLB Box Score

Name Type Description
last_name string Player's last name
first_name string Player's legal first name. Keep in mind, some players are commonly known by their middle name, nickname, or shortened version of their first name
display_name string The full name of the player that is used in box scores, rosters, etc.
throwing_hand string One of RHP for a right-handed pitcher or LHP for a left-handed pitcher
pitch_order integer The order in which the player pitched for the game
innings_pitched float Number of innings pitched for game
hits_allowed integer Number of hits allowed for game
runs_allowed integer Number of runs allowed for game
earned_runs integer Number of earned runs for game
strike_outs integer Number of strike outs for game
walks integer Number of walks issued for game
intentional_walks integer Number of intentional walks issued for game
home_runs_allowed integer Number of home runs allowed for game
era float The player's ERA for the game. Infinite ERA denoted by -1 (i.e., allowed earned runs and did not record any outs)
whip float Walks plus hits divided by innings pitched for game
pitch_count integer Number of pitches thrown for game
pitches_strikes integer Number of pitches thrown for strikes for game
wild_pitches integer Number of wild pitches thrown for game
hit_by_pitch integer Number of times that a batter was hit by a pitch for game
errors integer Deprecated (5-Jun-15, removed 10-Jul-15). Use Fielding object instead. Number of errors for game
win boolean True when player is awarded win credit for game
loss boolean True when player is awarded loss credit for game
save boolean True when player is awarded save credit for game
hold boolean True when player is awarded hold credit for game
team_abbreviation string Player's team's abbreviation