Last updated February 12, 2016

Used by: MLB Box Score

Name Type Description
last_name string Player's last name
first_name string Player's legal first name. Keep in mind, some players are commonly known by their middle name, nickname, or shortened version of their first name
display_name string The full name of the player that is used in box scores, rosters, etc.
position string Player's position for the game
bat_order integer The primary batting position for the game, sort by bat_order then sub_bat_order
sub_bat_order integer Players in the starting lineup will have a value of 0, players substituted will have a value of 1 or higher. Sort by bat_order then sub_bat_order
singles integer Number of singles hit
doubles integer Number of doubles hit
triples integer Number of triples hit
hits integer Total number of hits
rbi integer Number of runs batted in
sacrifices integer Number of sacrifices
at_bats integer Number of at bats
plate_appearances integer Number of plate appearances
home_runs integer Number of home runs hits
sac_flies integer Number of sacrifice flies
sac_hits integer Number of sacrifice hits
stolen_bases integer Number of stolen bases
caught_stealing integer Number of times caught stealing
rbi_with_two_outs integer Number of RBI with two outs
total_bases integer Total bases (singles + (2 * doubles) + (3 * triples) + (4 * home runs)) for game
runs integer Number of runs scored
walks integer Number of walks
strike_outs integer Number of strike outs
left_on_base integer Number of runners left on base
hit_by_pitch integer Number of times the player was hit by a pitched ball
team_abbreviation string Player's team's abbreviation
avg float Player's batting average for the game
obp float Player's on base percentage for the game
slg float Player's slugging average for the game
ops float Player's on base plus slugging average for the game
at_bats_per_home_run float Number of at bats per home run for game
at_bats_per_rbi float Number of at bats per RBI for game
walk_rate float Number of walks divided by plate appearances for game
plate_appearances_per_rbi float Number of plate appearances per RBI for game
plate_appearances_per_home_run float Number of plate appearances per home run for game
extra_base_hits integer Number of extra base hits for game
stolen_base_average float Number of stolen bases divided by stolen base attempts
strike_out_rate float Number of strike outs divided by number of at bats
ops_string string Player's on base plus slugging percentage formatted as #.000 for game
slg_string string Player's slugging percentage formatted as #.000 for game
obp_string string Player's on base percentage formatted as #.000 for game
avg_string string Player's batting average formatted as #.000 for game
batting_highlights string A brief representation of player's batting line represented as "H-AB, x HR, x R, x RBI, x 3B, x 2B" only when x is non-zero (e.g., 1-4, 2 R, 2B)