Last updated February 12, 2016

Used by: Roster, NBA Draft

Name Type Description
last_name string Player's last name
first_name string Player's legal first name. Keep in mind, some players are commonly known by their middle name, nickname, or shortened version of their first name
display_name string The full name of the player that is used in box scores, rosters, etc.
birthdate string Player's birthdate in yyyy-MM-dd format
age integer Age of player in years
birthplace string For players born in the USA, this string will be city, state, USA. For players born outside the USA, the returned string is city, country
position string The position player normally plays
height_in integer Player's height in inches
height_cm float Player's height in centimeters
height_m float Player's height in meters
weight_lb integer Player's weight in pounds
weight_kg float Player's weight in kilograms
height_formatted string Player's height formatted as string (e.g., 6'8")
uniform_number integer Only present when using Roster endpoint. Player's uniform number. When players have not been assigned a uniform number yet (e.g., recently after being signed or traded) this value will be -1. Note: the uniform number is presently stored as an integer in the database, so "00" and other non-numeric uniform numbers will not translate
roster_status string Only present when returning an MLB roster. Possible values active and expanded indicate whether player is on the active (i.e., 25‑man) roster or expanded (i.e., 40‑man) roster.

Example Listing

  "last_name" : "Hernández",
  "first_name" : "Félix",
  "display_name" : "Félix Hernández",
  "birthdate" : "1986-04-08",
  "age" : 28,
  "birthplace" : "Valencia, Venezuela",
  "height_in" : 75,
  "height_cm" : 190.5,
  "height_m" : 1.91,
  "height_formatted" : "6'3\"",
  "weight_lb" : 230,
  "weight_kg" : 104.6,
  "position" : "P",
  "uniform_number" : 34,
  "bats" : "R",
  "throws" : "R",
  "roster_status" : "active"